Desirial (2 Syringe 1ml)

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2 syringe 1ml

A real innovation INTIMATE FOR THE HEALTH OF WOMEN DESIRIAL ® is the first gel based on hyaluronic acid antioxidant specially formulated to preserve the intimate health of women. The product is intended for women, in the reproduction of the sufferings of the age of the dehydration of the vulva with or without irritations ⇒ rehydration and bio-stimulation of the skin and the mucous membrane, it makes it possible to increase the synthesis of collagen by stimulating fibroblas

Entirely dedicated to the intimate health of women, DESIRIAL® Viscosupplement Solution developed by Laboratoires Vivacy opens up new treatment options in gynecology and intimate plastic surgery.

Up to 80% of women who enter menopause are affected by vaginal dryness and about 50% of women who complete menopause continue to experience vaginal dryness.

DESIRIAL ® hyaluronic acid crosslinked injection into the dermis of the lip can help rehydrate, biostimulate and restore the activity of fibroblasts to maintain the proper functioning of female genital tissues.

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